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Links – 16/05/07

Gaming Google For Results(artofmoney)

I’ve never spent this much time scouring the Google SERPs on a single topic before and I have to say that the results returned were much lower quality than I would have predicted (I can only guess what the Yahoo and MSN results would have looked like, but I assume worse.)

Mortgage Default Causes(yahoo)

This raises an obvious question: Why was the mortgage-lending industry willing to make loans that were workable for the borrowers only if their properties appreciated?

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Links – 15/05/07

UK Inflation Slows(BBC)

Consumer price inflation fell to 2.8% last month, against 3.1% in March, the Office for National Statistics said.

House Price Crash Ripples(MarketWatch)

Home Depot reported a sharp drop in first-quarter net income Tuesday, citing the faltering U.S. housing market and unusual weather for much of the blame.

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Links – 14/05/07

Scambusting As A Goldmine(artofmoney)

Part of the purpose of the project is for me to try my first AdWords campaign (a current hole in my online business toolbox) and I was researching existing ads for the topic that I’m after.

10 Seemingly Stupid Business Ideas(Nichegeek)

1000000 pixels, charge a dollar per pixel – that’s perhaps the dumbest idea for online business anyone could have possible come up with. Still, Alex Tew, a 21-year-old who came up with the idea, is now a millionaire.

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Carnival Of Personal Finance #100

The 100th (!) edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance is up at My Open Wallet.

My post on “Free Audio Resources” made the grade.

Links – 12/05/07

Headed for another Depression(Dissident Voice)

Do you believe that the problems in the real estate market, the falling dollar, the massive current account deficit, or the shaky hedge fund industry are likely to cause major meltdown?

Negative Equity?(Times)

BRITAIN’s biggest bank, HSBC, has become the first large institution to tighten its lending criteria amid fears that negative equity could return following four interest-rate rises since August.

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Links – 12/05/07

Safe As Houses? (guradian)

Nobody disputes that for the next four to six months the pressure will be off; inflation is set to fall as the decline in energy prices works through the economy. The question is what happens in 2008 and 2009.

Is This It(Investingthemiddleway)

With yesterday’s triple digit drop in the DOW, the first since the mini-crash on Feb 27, the question on everyone’s mind seems, “Is this it? Is this the end of the rally?”

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Gold Price Update

In my last post on the gold price I said the action was looking quite weak, and that it could probably hit $667 or even lower before bouncing. Well, unusually, it looks if I was right! Gold hit $667 today, and bounced up a little. If it doesn’t bounce back hard, it may well drop further.


It does look quite unstable at the moment, and the MACD still hasn’t dipped into negative territory. Support below $667 is $640, so I’m not looking forward to it dropping if it does. In this eventuality keeping an eye on the long term situation is key, as the fundamentals of the gold market are still stacked to the upside, something that’s not likely to change soon.


The Dollar has been on a bit of a bounce lately, it remains to be seen if this continues. If it stalls, look for gold to benefit. If it continues to strengthen, gold will have a tough ride.


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