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Links – 01/05/07

Buy To Let Fever(theukhousingbubble)

What should a mortgage lender do when a housing bubble is about to burst? Should it a) avoid lending to dubious borrowers with an uncertain credit history or b) accelerate lending to speculative borrowers engaged in activities with a high risk of capital loss? This question shouldn’t be a difficult one, yet UK banks seem to be picking option b.

World Without Oil Game(via o’reilly)

Last night at midnight, the alternate reality game (ARG for short) World Without Oil launched. In the game, the world has hit peak oil and there are news reports of crises from around the world. The goal of the game is to get real people around the world to start thinking about life without oil. To get them to answer questions like: How will they cope? What will they have to sacrifice? What can they do to help the world?

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The best of Krugergold

Well my house price cartoon has been picked up by a couple of major sites, so i’m getting a fairly hefty traffic spike. This spike is also sending me into the “fastest growing blogs” and “top posts” lists on Welcome everybody who hasn’t been here before. Here are a few articles for a taster of what the site is about:

5 ways to make money in a falling housing market

Iran and Oil

Money Flow Chart

13 things people worry about too much

Why you shouldn’t turn your hobby into a business

Links – 20/04/07

Making Money on the internet(thisismoney)

Believe it or not, there are companies out there that really do value you as a customer. In fact some are willing to pay you to buy the goods and services that you would spend money on anyway.

Sell your house in 60 days(moneycrashers)

Do you have what it takes to sell your house in less than 60 days? Do you believe that it can be done? Many people begin to wonder about houses that stay on the market for longer than 90 days. They start assuming that something is wrong with it or the seller is unwilling to negotiate. The ideal time frame would be to spend 4 – 5 weeks of very aggressive marketing and then the next 3 to 4 weeks working out the mortgage qualification, negotiations, home inspection, and closing. Continue reading ‘Links – 20/04/07’

Links -19/04/07


We all know that if we want to have any sort of true wealth we must do much more than work and put our money under a mattress. We all know that we have to do some investing, but if you invest without understanding, you are probably better off shoving it all under your mattress! One of the most fundamental ideas of investing is that of diversification. It may seem a little simple to some seasoned investors, but it’s still worth wholly understanding.

Domain buying for cash(artofmoney)

Domaining is the online equivalent of a real estate investor speculating in raw land. Even though it can be one of the most lucrative and the simplest and easiest forms of Internet businesses it doesn’t get that much attention.My guess about why that is would be that it is too simple. It doesn’t really take a guru to package up a $150 oops $147 eBook to tell you what to do. You can understand the basic concepts in about 20 minutes; from there it just takes a few tools a bankroll of some kind and you can be up and running in an hour.

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Links – 09/04/07

Oil field analysis(theoildrum)

Before we go on, I’d like to stress, especially for Euan’s benefit, that with all these visualizations: they have been scaled to fit on your computer screen. Ghawar is really much bigger than your computer screen. And in particular, the scaling in the horizontal direction is much more pronounced than the scaling in the vertical direction. That “cliff” on the eastern flank is really a slow rise that goes on for several miles at only a few degrees angle. However, it’s very likely that even though the scales are adjusted, the shape is accurate, since it can be determined with great precision by seismic surveys.

Peak oil for cultural change(Courier Press)

Humans have for all practical purposes found, drilled, pumped and refined half of the crude oil on the planet — the easiest half: 900 billion barrels — so far this century. What’s left are declining fields with hard-to-extract heavy (sour) crude, oil shale and tar sands. These will require ever more energy to extract and will approach a negative net energy result.

Negotiate a property bargain(rodthomasblog)

Never underestimate the power and potential of a good negotiator. As a property investor, it is absolutely vital that you hone your negotiation skills to make sure that you get the deal you want – every time. Being unaware of negotiation tactics is a real blunder for the modern investor. Even if you are not fully confident in using hard negotiation tactics, it is absolutely vital that you understand what the other party is doing and how they are behaving.

Bee Afraid(celsias) (via rondam)

The sad mystery surrounding the humble honeybee – which is a vital component in $14bn-worth of US agriculture – is beginning to worry even the highest strata of the political class in Washington.

Free Books(friedbeef)

In our fast paced world of email, and RSS feeds, sometimes it’s best to just slow down and read a good book…but if you’re unwilling to shell out big bucks for the latest bestseller – try out these great resources, and read to your hearts content!

Iran nuclear plans(FT)

Iran’s president has promised to disclose news about Iran’s nuclear programme when he visits its uranium enrichment facility on Monday where the West says Tehran is mastering the skills needed to make atomic bombs.

Aging population are wealthy(firstrung)

The UK’s over 50s are living a dream life that is the envy of the younger generation but may never be attained by them, according to a major new report commissioned by FTSE 100 life and pensions company Friends Provident.

£459bn crash(express)

THE BUBBLE is about to burst on Britain’s booming property market. Experts fear a crash is coming that could wipe at least £450billion off the value of the country’s housing stock.

No crash, yet(guardian)

It’s the time of year estate agents love. Easter, traditionally, is when the market comes alive after the winter lull; the sales particulars are ready for eager house hunters; the properties have been spring-cleaned and given a lick of paint.

Thoughts on Iran and Oil

Now that it looks like the captured/arrested (delete as politically acceptable) British servicemen are to be released – how does this effect the oil price?

oil_4_apr.gif(click for full size version)

Oddly enough – the oil price dropped quite heavily yesterday, the markets probably reacting to the change in stance by Iran and assuming that tensions had been reduced. The news today (the 4th) that the Brits are to be released seemed to make little or no difference to the price of crude, leaving it 50 cents or so down on the day.

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Links – 04/04/07

Hedge funds negative on equities and dollar(FT)

As was the case in March, a big majority of managers – 69 per cent – said they expect the S&P 500 to end April lower, vs 23 per cent higher and 8 per cent unchanged. The majority of the managers also maintained a pessimistic view on the dollar, as 54 per cent report a bearish position, vs 23 per cent bullish and 23 per cent neutral.

Iran crisis effects Asia(Jakartapost)

The crisis also brings into focus Asia’s growing reliance on oil and natural gas supplies from the volatile Gulf region and the economic and political repercussions of this dependence. Asia’s export-oriented but oil-short economies are tied to the fortunes of the Gulf by an energy lifeline. Both regions are integral parts of a vast conveyor belt of seaborne commerce that runs between the Indian and Pacific oceans.

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