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Links – 22/05/07

Link Opportunities for SEO(artofmoney)

Here are my observations, they should give you some good ideas about how to gain some high quality incoming links, that you may never have discovered if you didn’t do your market research properly.

Sell gold?(FT)

Within a year, though, the gold bear market will have run its course, and Mr Bernanke’s other academic speciality, depression avoidance, will be called on. He and his counterparts in Europe, Japan and China will be called on to keep the global Ponzi scheme going, because the real economies cannot stand a bust in the financial economies. In anticipation of that rapid reversal, gold will take off as it hasn’t for a generation.

Renting a room(personal finance advice)

If you have extra space in your house, you may have considered renting out a room to bring in some extra cash and share the utility bill costs.

Luck OR Skill?(BBC)

But unpredictability is what makes entrepreneurship an interesting challenge – it is not an exact science to create a successful company, and life would be duller if it was.

Find a profitable Rental Property(plus6)

After multiple years of being a seller’s market the tides are turning, and buyers have the upper hand.


Links – 17/05/07

Straightforward Personal Finance(MyWealthBuilder)
Millions of articles have been written about the benefits of following these principles. These are are proven principles that, if followed, will lead one to be wealth. It should be automatic.

5 Business Start-up Rules(JohnChow)
The ideal business requires very little cash to start. This is why I like the Internet so much.
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Gold Price Update

In my last post on the gold price I said the action was looking quite weak, and that it could probably hit $667 or even lower before bouncing. Well, unusually, it looks if I was right! Gold hit $667 today, and bounced up a little. If it doesn’t bounce back hard, it may well drop further.


It does look quite unstable at the moment, and the MACD still hasn’t dipped into negative territory. Support below $667 is $640, so I’m not looking forward to it dropping if it does. In this eventuality keeping an eye on the long term situation is key, as the fundamentals of the gold market are still stacked to the upside, something that’s not likely to change soon.


The Dollar has been on a bit of a bounce lately, it remains to be seen if this continues. If it stalls, look for gold to benefit. If it continues to strengthen, gold will have a tough ride.

Links – 11/05/07

Internet Business 101(artofmoney)

Basically what happens is that you walk through the entire process of performing market research to setting up, building and monetizing a website as a project while you take the course.

Laziness or a drive for efficiency?(ScottHyoung)

Laziness is a fairly underrated virtue. It’s synonym made the short list of deadly sins (sloth) and it is often seen as the major culprit behind a lack of success (he’s smart but he lacks discipline).

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Links – 10/05/07

StumbleUpon Traffic Guide(doshdosh)

I’ve been experimenting with StumbleUpon for the past few months and have had several pleasant experiences.

UK interest rates up to 5.5%(BBC)

The increase, the first since February, takes the cost of borrowing to its highest level since 2001.

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Links – 09/05/07

New Builds A bad Investment(telegraph)

The glut of new-build apartments erected in UK cities, in particular Leeds and Cardiff, against a backdrop of rising interest rates, could see rental yields falling behind some landlords’ expectations.

20 and retiring(thesimpledollar)

Right now, I’m twenty years old. I am willing to take a large percentage off the top of my salary for the rest of my working life in order to be able to retire very young and live off of the proceeds of my investments and do volunteer work. How many years would I have to work if I saved 20% of my income? Continue reading ‘Links – 09/05/07’

Links – 07/05/07

Think Like Buffett(ZenPersonalFinance)

Over the last 34 years (that is, since present management took over) per-share book value has grown from $19 to $37,801, a rate of 24.7% compounded annually.

Watch Out For The Cracks(theeconomist)

House prices are now rising by 10% a year, close to the average growth of 12% in the past decade.

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