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Links – 23/05/07

Personal Finance Baby Step(nocreditneeded)

The idea behind the Baby Steps is pretty simple. Just like a child who is learning to walk, you must begin with baby steps. Each baby step leads to another baby step, which then leads to another baby steps.

The SUb-prime Rescue Squad(papermoney)

I know the good my company, my employees and thousands of my fellow mortgage bankers have done for families, for communities, and for this country.

Subprime: The Lenders To Blame?(yahoo)

While it is understandable that borrowers became caught up in the belief that house prices always rise, lenders are supposed to know better. Why was the mortgage-lending industry willing to make loans that were workable for the borrowers only if their properties appreciated?

20 Productive Ways To Use Your Spare Time(lifehack)

Everyone works differently, so the best use of your free time really depends on you, your working style, and what’s on your to-do list.


Links – 22/05/07

Link Opportunities for SEO(artofmoney)

Here are my observations, they should give you some good ideas about how to gain some high quality incoming links, that you may never have discovered if you didn’t do your market research properly.

Sell gold?(FT)

Within a year, though, the gold bear market will have run its course, and Mr Bernanke’s other academic speciality, depression avoidance, will be called on. He and his counterparts in Europe, Japan and China will be called on to keep the global Ponzi scheme going, because the real economies cannot stand a bust in the financial economies. In anticipation of that rapid reversal, gold will take off as it hasn’t for a generation.

Renting a room(personal finance advice)

If you have extra space in your house, you may have considered renting out a room to bring in some extra cash and share the utility bill costs.

Luck OR Skill?(BBC)

But unpredictability is what makes entrepreneurship an interesting challenge – it is not an exact science to create a successful company, and life would be duller if it was.

Find a profitable Rental Property(plus6)

After multiple years of being a seller’s market the tides are turning, and buyers have the upper hand.

Links – 21/05/07

Job Board Monetization(doshdosh)

It basically allows you to monetize your site’s audience by selling job listings on your own customized job board to employers who are looking for talents in a specific field.

Creating Effective Business Logos(Timeforblogging)

One of the first things that you’ll need to do when starting a business is to create a logo to represent your company. It seems like this may be a simple thing, but it is often more difficult then you think!

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Links – 20/05/07

Use Property To Retire Rich(msnmoney)

I invested in properties not far from my home, so can drive past and check on them regularly. I have tried to stick with properties under £130,000 and also properties that fall under the stamp duty barrier to maximise my future returns.

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Links – 19/05/07

Flat Pack Houses(thisismoney)

Ikea’s arrival on our shores reinvented flatpack furniture for the British and now the Swedish firm hopes to transform the nation’s view of prefabricated homes.

Technoratie Favourite Hit Experiment (doshdosh)

I have not read any other detailed statistical reports on Technorati Most Favorited list and I do think that this presents important information which allows you to determine if it is worth your time to actively encourage favoriting from your readers or other sources.

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Links – 18/05/07

Stock Technical Analysis(stocktrading101)

In this particular chart, I used the 50 day moving average as a clear example of support.

Nationwide Downgrades Expectation(ukhousingbubble)

Does this mean that the days of double digit appreciation are over? It seems so, at least as far as the Nationwide is concerned.

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Links – 17/05/07

Straightforward Personal Finance(MyWealthBuilder)
Millions of articles have been written about the benefits of following these principles. These are are proven principles that, if followed, will lead one to be wealth. It should be automatic.

5 Business Start-up Rules(JohnChow)
The ideal business requires very little cash to start. This is why I like the Internet so much.
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