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Links – 22/05/07

Link Opportunities for SEO(artofmoney)

Here are my observations, they should give you some good ideas about how to gain some high quality incoming links, that you may never have discovered if you didn’t do your market research properly.

Sell gold?(FT)

Within a year, though, the gold bear market will have run its course, and Mr Bernanke’s other academic speciality, depression avoidance, will be called on. He and his counterparts in Europe, Japan and China will be called on to keep the global Ponzi scheme going, because the real economies cannot stand a bust in the financial economies. In anticipation of that rapid reversal, gold will take off as it hasn’t for a generation.

Renting a room(personal finance advice)

If you have extra space in your house, you may have considered renting out a room to bring in some extra cash and share the utility bill costs.

Luck OR Skill?(BBC)

But unpredictability is what makes entrepreneurship an interesting challenge – it is not an exact science to create a successful company, and life would be duller if it was.

Find a profitable Rental Property(plus6)

After multiple years of being a seller’s market the tides are turning, and buyers have the upper hand.


Gold Price Update

In my last post on the gold price I said the action was looking quite weak, and that it could probably hit $667 or even lower before bouncing. Well, unusually, it looks if I was right! Gold hit $667 today, and bounced up a little. If it doesn’t bounce back hard, it may well drop further.


It does look quite unstable at the moment, and the MACD still hasn’t dipped into negative territory. Support below $667 is $640, so I’m not looking forward to it dropping if it does. In this eventuality keeping an eye on the long term situation is key, as the fundamentals of the gold market are still stacked to the upside, something that’s not likely to change soon.


The Dollar has been on a bit of a bounce lately, it remains to be seen if this continues. If it stalls, look for gold to benefit. If it continues to strengthen, gold will have a tough ride.

Links – 27/04/07

Intrest vs Inflation(thesimpledollar)

Last week, I wrote a pretty harsh criticism of Spend Every Dime!, a Slate article that basically encouraged people not to save money because taxes and inflation eat up most of the gains. But why is that? Let’s take a step back and look at what’s actually going on here, piece by piece. Some of this may seem very basic to some of you, but it provides a good illustration of why exactly inflation is important.

Common money mistakes(getrichslowly)

Everyone makes mistakes — it’s a part of being human. But it’s those who learn to minimize their mistakes who are able to fight debt and to build wealth. Paul L. forwarded a Reuters article by Linda Stern that explores common money mistakes and gives advice on how to fix them. Stern warns that if you have chronic money problems, you’re basically subsidizing those that don’t:

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Gold Price Opportunity


Things are looking rough for the gold price (in at least the short term). From the look of it, a fall to $670 – $667 at least is likely, hopefully it’ll bounce off that level. If you’re looking to speculate, stay away for a week or two.

If you’re buying gold for a long term (1 year +) then these blips shouldn’t concern you. Gold is on the up, and will be for a good few years to come.

Keep an eye on the dollar. If it falls, gold will benefit.

Links – 24/04/07

Irrational Millionaire(MarketWatch)

The Quest for the Holy Grail was Campbell’s favorite metaphor for life’s journey: “In the story of Sir Galahad, the knights agree to go on a quest, but thinking it would be a disgrace to go forth in a group, each entered the forest, at one point or another, where they saw it to be thickest, all in those places where they found no way or path. Where there is a path, it’s someone else’s path. Each knight enters the forest at the most mysterious point and follows his own intuition. What each brings forth is what never before was on land or sea: the fulfillment of his unique potentialities, which are different from anybody else’s.”

The Short Tail(Micropersuasion)

Do you publish for love or money? You can do both successfully if you run ads on your blog. However, selling ad space on your own is hard work. Ad networks like BlogHer, Federated Media,FeedBurner, B5 and BlogAds have done a great job to rush in to fill the void, but the shifting landscape will require them to adapt. I believe they all can.

Finance for Entrepreneurs(instigatorblog)

Many entrepreneurs start businesses with the goal of making lots of money. It’s not the only reason to start a business, nor should it be the first, but it ain’t bad if you can get it. And there’s no shame in gunning for it either.

Gold Ipod(amosu) via If Money Makes a man strange

Links – 23/04/07

Risk and your own business(brazencareerist)

A lot of people who would like to start a business think the task is too daunting. But following a passion is not as high risk as you may think. Conventional wisdom about entrepreneurs being big risk takers and living on the edge is not all that realistic. In fact, there are ways to minimize the financial risk and emotional drama of going after your dreams. And, most of the skills you need to be an entrepreneur, you can teach yourself.

Gold Bugs(Ask Dong)

On the internet, I feel like I come across quite a few people who seem enamored by gold. Not so much the gold itself, but gold as an investment. I personally don’t understand the appeal. I understand the desire to hedge against inflation risk. But is gold really a great inflation hedge? Is it a good investment at all? Other than the fact that Gold has intrinsic value as opposed to fiat money, there’s no reason for gold to appreciate aside from supply and demand issues faster than inflation. Sure, it’s better to hold gold vs cash during an inflationary period, but is it better to hold gold vs. equities as well? My initial gut feeling is no.

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Links – 18/04/07

What you don’t need to start a business(Instigator)

When I wrote 5 Things You Shouldn’t Spend Money On When Starting a Business it was geared to software and web-related companies because that’s my business. Many people agreed. Others did not, arguing that my advice wasn’t helpful for one type of business or another. The discussions was worth it.

Riding Out the subprime disaster(Robert Kiyosaki)

Instead of quivering in fear of a real estate crash, savvy investors need to ask what led to the subprime disaster and how they can profit from it. Here are some of the causes: 1. Early in 2001, the crashing stock market caused Alan Greenspan to drop short-term interest rates to 1 percent. Instead of the stock market roaring back, the residential real estate market took off.

an entrepreneurs tale(Lazymanandmoney)

You will read it in a number of places over and over again, but one of the best ways to make money is to start a business. It’s so much easier said than done. I had made about 3 or 4 attempts at a business before I either lost the passion for the idea or got too lazy. Ironically, acknowledging my laziness has helped me launch my most successful business – this blog. I don’t really think of it as a business, more of a hobby that generates a little income. However, it’s at the point where I could put a minimal effort in and make a good dollar for that effort. I’m not about to do that though, I want to expand this hobby and maybe add new ones that will generate me income all the time.

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