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Budget 2007

Lex (via alphaville)

Godson Brown bets on good times ahead, the point I find interesting is that £10 billion of the money from the budget is through making one off sales.

Budget 2007

Line by line summary

Budget 2007

Well, the big news is the 2% cut in the basic rate of income tax, along with a few tweaks here and there. Spin for the general election?

BBC report
FT report

UK Budget Day Bonanza

Hey everyone – I’ll be updating this post throughout the day with news as it happens!


Pre-Budget Banter:

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Personally I think we’ll get a fairly muted budget with the focus not on the economy. I suspect that the major focus will be developing a platform for Gordon Bron to jump off on his campaign for PM. So I expect a lot of past record back patting, talking up of the economy and stability while any pledges are politically motivated – a green tax or two is a sure thing.


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