Links – 21/05/07

Job Board Monetization(doshdosh)

It basically allows you to monetize your site’s audience by selling job listings on your own customized job board to employers who are looking for talents in a specific field.

Creating Effective Business Logos(Timeforblogging)

One of the first things that you’ll need to do when starting a business is to create a logo to represent your company. It seems like this may be a simple thing, but it is often more difficult then you think!

Slowdown In House Prices(firstrung)

According to its latest index, house prices in mid-May rose 0.4% on the month and were 13.1% higher on the year. That marked a sharp slowdown from the 3.6% monthly and 15.0% annual rates of increase reported in April.

Resources For Entrepreneurs(getrichslowly)

I’m under the impression that the failure rate for small businesses applies to those with employees. If you follow Andréa’s advice and become a consultant, or if you take the route I’m pursuing and work as a wholly independent freelancer, I think the survivability rates are much higher.

Email Organisation(timferriss)

How does he manage to read and organize tens of thousands of e-mail?This exclusive 5-minute interview provides some great tips for avoiding e-mail overload


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