Links – 10/05/07

StumbleUpon Traffic Guide(doshdosh)

I’ve been experimenting with StumbleUpon for the past few months and have had several pleasant experiences.

UK interest rates up to 5.5%(BBC)

The increase, the first since February, takes the cost of borrowing to its highest level since 2001.

Invest In UK Domains(selfmademinds)

I have developed an interest in domain names recently and although it seems that you need deeper pockets to buy anything good in the .com game I found there are opportunities in the market that could serve as an investment for a later date, note you can buy UK domains even if you are not in the UK so no geo restrictions.

Buffett Bad for Business?(Marketwatch)

Nearly a year after Buffett pledged to give $37 billion of his personal wealth to charity, the 76-year-old and his shareholder flock at Berkshire shot down a series of do-gooder proposals that would have required the company to spare some profits in the name of social responsibility, and maybe saving a few lives.

Seth and the Dip(personalmba)

Mental models are powerful and flexible tools that can help you understand a wide variety of situations, and collecting useful models is one of the primary purposes of self-education.

Testing To Failure(stevepavlina)

If you want to know if an idea really has merit, test it under real-world conditions. Then you’ll have your answer.


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