Free Audio Resources for Business, Finance and Entrepreneurship

Listening to spoken word can be an ideal way to leverage your learning potential while doing activities that you can’t normally expose yourself to learning opportunities. Try listening on your commute, while you’re doing housework, working out at the gym. As my favourite price is “free” – have a look at the following links for a good starter in the world of business, personal finance and entrepreneurship audio resources.

Blogger Podcasts: There are hundreds of bloggers and podcasts out there, so instead of having an enormous list, I’ve picked out a few of my favourites.

Steve Pavlina Podcast Library (Personal Development)
No Credit Needed Podcasts (Personal Finance / Debt Reduction)
Money Blogger Podcasts (Personal Finance Interviews)
Money Girls Quick and Dirty Tips (Home and Mortgage Tips)
Financial Sense News Hour (Economics / Interviews)
Financial Times Podcasts (Business / Economics)
43 Folders (Productivity)
Harvard Business Online (Business)

BBC Podcasts: Although these will be primarily of interest to UK listeners, daily updates on a variety of topics can be really useful if you run out of other listening material.

BBC Five Live – Wake Up To Money
BBC Four – In Business

Free Audiobooks: The vast majority of these audiobooks are readings of books whose copyright has expired. this means that they’re heavily weighted to older books and classics. If you’re looking to expand your education into the literary classics, it’s ideal though.

Project Gutenberg Humand Read Audiobooks
Low sound quality AudioBooksForFree
TellTale Weekly Free Audiobooks

Podcast Directories: As previously mentioned – there’s loads of podcasts on business and finance on the internet, so head over to these sites to search for the best ones.

Business Podcast Directory
NPR Business Podcasts Business Podcasts
Yahoo Podcasts
Podcasting News Business Directory
Digg Podcasts


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