Links – 01/05/07

Buy To Let Fever(theukhousingbubble)

What should a mortgage lender do when a housing bubble is about to burst? Should it a) avoid lending to dubious borrowers with an uncertain credit history or b) accelerate lending to speculative borrowers engaged in activities with a high risk of capital loss? This question shouldn’t be a difficult one, yet UK banks seem to be picking option b.

World Without Oil Game(via o’reilly)

Last night at midnight, the alternate reality game (ARG for short) World Without Oil launched. In the game, the world has hit peak oil and there are news reports of crises from around the world. The goal of the game is to get real people around the world to start thinking about life without oil. To get them to answer questions like: How will they cope? What will they have to sacrifice? What can they do to help the world?

Stock Chart Basics(Stocktrading101)

The basics of understanding charts, just how the heck do you read these things?! Well, after last week dipping into the basics behind making an actual online stock trade, market orders, and limit orders, I figure this week we could take our investor education to a new area, stock charts!

The Marketers Guide To PErsonal Finance(Sethgodin)

Even in the web 2.0 world, marketers need money. We need money to create remarkable products and to tell stories that spread. We need it to hire the best people and most of all, to stick it out until our ideas spread. Which is why all but the largest companies need to learn a key lesson of personal finance.

Get Rich Slow(thisismoney)

How many of us can honestly say we have never been tempted by a get-rich-quick scheme. But is there really such a thing? Or should we accept that accumulating wealth takes time and involves hard work, serious saving…and even a little bit of self-denial?


2 Responses to “Links – 01/05/07”

  1. 1 Blain Reinkensmeyer May 1, 2007 at 1:37 pm

    Thanks for the link lovin man!

    Awesome header background btw.

  1. 1 Links 01/05/06 | First Finance Loans and Mortgages Trackback on May 1, 2007 at 11:36 am

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