Links – 30/04/07

The Weakening Dollar(Money and Such)

Have you guys traveled abroad recently? I am currently on an international business trip, visiting a place that I know very well and in which I have previously spent a great deal of time. With the Dollar depreciating against most major currencies international travel has become much more expensive – our Dollars buy a lot less abroad than they used to.

UK Housing Crash(UK Housing Bubble)

Wave goodbye to the housing bubble and say hello to the crash. The great correction has begun. In six out of ten regions in England and Wales, house prices have stagnated. House prices are rising at a slower rate than CPI inflation, which is currently 3.1 percent. House prices are also rising more slowly than wages.

Cashflow Game(Fiscal Musings)

Robert Kiyosaki, the author of the book “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, has a board game out that is supposed to teach you about investing and how to grow your personal cash flow. For obvious reasons, it’s called CASHFLOW 101.I’ve been wanting to play the game for a while now, but since it’s a specialty game you can’t just pick it up at Target or Walmart. The price tag is also a little daunting at $195.

What Record High(kitco)

As the Dow burst through the 13,000 milestone this week, few understood the hollowness of the achievement. Measured against the rising dollar-denominated prices of just about everything else on the planet, the Dow has actually lost value over the past seven years. Measured against the truest benchmark, the price of gold, the record high for the Dow was set back in January of 2000 when its price equaled approximately 43 ounces of gold. Today it is only worth about 19 ounces.


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  1. 1 kev April 30, 2007 at 2:13 pm

    Thanks for the comment. I’ll have to look through your blog in more detail when I get a little time.

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