How Much Is Enough?

There’s been quite a lot written on this topic recently and I suppose it’s a key question for many bloggers and entrepreneurs out there. People define “enough” in different manners depending on their situation, and what their goals are in life. So to help you think about setting a goal, here are some strategies:

1. The Now Problem

Defining enough money that you’d like NOW.

2. The Mythical Figure

Think of a number. Double it. Add a bit for inflation. And a holiday.

3. The Future Worrier

I’d like to retire on X amount of income.

4. The Competitive Spirit

$10 more than you.

5. The Freedom Seeker

I want to be able to pay all debts, and cover all of my current costs with passive income.
6. The Lifestyle Lover

I want to be able to sit on a beach doing nothing / playing golf / doing what I want all day, every day.

7. The Neveau Riche

I want boats, cars, houses, diamonds, gold, a private island, a private jet…

8. The Worrier

I want to be able to cover any mishap that might befall me.


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