Links – 24/04/07

Irrational Millionaire(MarketWatch)

The Quest for the Holy Grail was Campbell’s favorite metaphor for life’s journey: “In the story of Sir Galahad, the knights agree to go on a quest, but thinking it would be a disgrace to go forth in a group, each entered the forest, at one point or another, where they saw it to be thickest, all in those places where they found no way or path. Where there is a path, it’s someone else’s path. Each knight enters the forest at the most mysterious point and follows his own intuition. What each brings forth is what never before was on land or sea: the fulfillment of his unique potentialities, which are different from anybody else’s.”

The Short Tail(Micropersuasion)

Do you publish for love or money? You can do both successfully if you run ads on your blog. However, selling ad space on your own is hard work. Ad networks like BlogHer, Federated Media,FeedBurner, B5 and BlogAds have done a great job to rush in to fill the void, but the shifting landscape will require them to adapt. I believe they all can.

Finance for Entrepreneurs(instigatorblog)

Many entrepreneurs start businesses with the goal of making lots of money. It’s not the only reason to start a business, nor should it be the first, but it ain’t bad if you can get it. And there’s no shame in gunning for it either.

Gold Ipod(amosu) via If Money Makes a man strange


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