Agloco Income


Agloco is something that’s been taking the blogosphere by storm lately. Many blogger are comparing it to the Alladvantage service which enabled people with large contact networks to earn significant income.

Agloco (A global community) is a new way for browsers of the web to earn a little cash while surfing. Essentially, it takes a commission on many purchases and web clicks that the community makes. To do this it installs a “viewbar” (currently under construction) in your browser, which tracks you ad views and purchases. As you benefit from not just your own browsing, but from the people you refer to the program, it could be a good way of earning a little more passive income. So – you make money from:

Browsing. While you have the viewbar installed, you get an automatic share of the revenue from ads that are displayed.

Your Referrals Browsing. Although not on the same scale as you get for your own browsing, when the people you refer brows and earn, you also get payed a percentage

Commissions on Purchases. Purchases made by users with the viewbar installed also go towards your income, as agloco collects a commission from the sales.

At first glance, I thought this was a scam. The multi-level structure is one commonly used by pyramid schemes. These continually require more and more people to come in at the bottom to keep the scheme together. On having a closer look, that’s not the case. As the bottom is supported via commissions from advertisements and purchases – no money is required to be put in by each user. In essence, each user “earns” their share of the money coming into the network.

As you can guess, it’s the people that can generate the largest networks of secondary referrals that will benefit the most from agloco, so it’s maybe nothing to quit your job over – but a small kickback for web browsing could help a little each month.

I can’t see how they’re going to stop fraud though. It’s only a matter of time before botnets start signing up in their droves – funneling income from browsing on thousands of zombie computers into one user account. This is certainly a threat to a product that needs to have a good reputation with advertisers to maintain commission levels.

So, although I can’t wholeheartedly recommend agloco as a good way to increase your income, certainly until the viewbar is released and the network starts making earnings, it does have potential. The biggest thing in it’s favour is that it’s free, quick and easy to sign up, so the most you’ll lose from the experience is 5 minutes of your time. The potential for gains outweighs the drawbacks in my opinion.

If you do decide to sign up and you want me to get a kickback by joining my network, sign up using this link and I’ll be eternally grateful.


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