Links – 23/04/07

Risk and your own business(brazencareerist)

A lot of people who would like to start a business think the task is too daunting. But following a passion is not as high risk as you may think. Conventional wisdom about entrepreneurs being big risk takers and living on the edge is not all that realistic. In fact, there are ways to minimize the financial risk and emotional drama of going after your dreams. And, most of the skills you need to be an entrepreneur, you can teach yourself.

Gold Bugs(Ask Dong)

On the internet, I feel like I come across quite a few people who seem enamored by gold. Not so much the gold itself, but gold as an investment. I personally don’t understand the appeal. I understand the desire to hedge against inflation risk. But is gold really a great inflation hedge? Is it a good investment at all? Other than the fact that Gold has intrinsic value as opposed to fiat money, there’s no reason for gold to appreciate aside from supply and demand issues faster than inflation. Sure, it’s better to hold gold vs cash during an inflationary period, but is it better to hold gold vs. equities as well? My initial gut feeling is no.

Tips for an easy life (wiseGeek)

Synchronize recurring events. This can be done annually, monthly, or even weekly. As an example, there are many household tasks that really only need to be done annually. Make it easy to remember when they need to be done by doing them all on the same day. The switch to daylight savings time is a good time to check batteries in smoke detectors, clean screens and windows, change air filters, clean fireplaces, etc. You can do the same with your car, by checking your tires, wiper fluid, battery, etc., every time you get an oil change. Sacrificing one day a month to do household chores like laundry, cleaning, and gardening can relieve the burden of having those things hang over your head and follow you around during the rest of the month.

Keeping your cool(yahoo)

A couple of months ago, when the Dow lost 416 points in one day, I happened to be on the Larry King Live show. Larry was quick to ask me what individual investors should do in the wake of the meltdown.

20% fall in house prices(firstrung)

“When lenders are calculating their Loss Given Defaults on mortgage portfolios they should allow for a 20% reduction in house prices, and a further 20% reduction from forced sale after a property has been repossessed; and should allow for 35% of loans in default to end up in repossession.”


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