Links – 22/04/07

Ten Reasons you’re not a billionaire(A2 blog)

People always are wondering, why am I not rich? Or, why can’t I make as much money as so-and-so? The answer is, that being rich is merely a state of mind. The excuse to why you are not yet a millionaire is really not because you don’t make enough money, its the way you use your money that determines why you are not yet a millionaire.

Correction of supply and demand(housingbubbleblog)

“The price of new homes has tumbled nearly 10 percent this year, the inventory of existing homes has reached an all-time high and bank repossessions accounted for a greater percentage of existing home sales in Las Vegas, according to the March housing statistics. The median price of new homes sold in March was $308,471, down nearly 10 percent from $341,990 in December.”

Heading for a depression(scotsman)

To an extent, market trends are the source rather than as the result of opinion, extending onwards until reality is suspended, at which point, like that cartoon Coyote suspended over the canyon pedalling furiously, a glance below triggers nemesis.

Starting a business with pocket change- Part1 (pfadvice)

I started saving my pocket change in October of ‘06. More precisely, I saved change and one dollar bills from my personal allowance. It began as a challenge more than anything else: I simply wanted to see if I could do it. To my surprise I was able to consistently save 25% of my allowance every month, or about $100. After six months it’s become an easy habit, something I don’t even think about except once a month when I count up the loot. Last night, my total was $111.50.

Starting a business with pocket change- Part2 (pfadvice)

This next article focuses on specific steps to take and purchases to make when it’s time to create a business identity and launch your business, including recommended suppliers. Bear in mind: the information given is correct at the time it is written, but is always subject to change. Please double-check the details here before you jump into anything.


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