Links – 21/04/07

Side business experience(the simpledollar)

I have experience with two distinct side businesses, a small computer consulting business and blogging. Here are some of the general observations on these side businesses that might be useful to people considering starting their own side business.

Lessons from Steve Jobs(ririanproject)

His accomplishments and character helped define a generation and change the world. He is co-founder of the fairytale company we now know as Apple Computers. And he is the visionary of the personal computers world that led the entire computer hardware and software industry to restructure itself.

Commercial Real Estat Indicator(theroxylandr)

If this chart doesn’t get back tomorrow then I predict good market crash next week. This chart means run, run, run!

Global Stagflation(financemarkets)

The problem now is that a lot of major companies are carrying major debt. And things will continue to get worse for them as interest rates rise. And interest rates will continue to rise because not only has inflation continued to push upwards, but also the property market behind it all has failed to lose all momentum. The result is that US housing markets are already starting to crash, and bringing down smaller financial institutions with them, especially in the sub-prime mortgage sector.

Don’t be a hero(37signals)

Everyone wants to be a hero. Techies especially so. And there are special occasions where true glory awaits the hero. When there’s a crisis, it can pay to just carry on no matter what. Get the problem solved and celebrate victory. Winning through shear effort.

Can you feel it(ukhousingbubble)

The building societies certainly know what is coming their way in May. They are pulling fixed rate mortgages. Alliance & Leicester pulled its fixed-rate deals on Wednesday. The Halifaxhave just withdrawn the bulk of its two and three-year fixed-rate deals.

Rich dad etc…(MoneyMatterandmoremusings)

Let’s play a sarcastic devil’s advocate for a minute and view the world from the perspectives of four different dads. I will try to keep this short and simple.


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