Links – 20/04/07

Making Money on the internet(thisismoney)

Believe it or not, there are companies out there that really do value you as a customer. In fact some are willing to pay you to buy the goods and services that you would spend money on anyway.

Sell your house in 60 days(moneycrashers)

Do you have what it takes to sell your house in less than 60 days? Do you believe that it can be done? Many people begin to wonder about houses that stay on the market for longer than 90 days. They start assuming that something is wrong with it or the seller is unwilling to negotiate. The ideal time frame would be to spend 4 – 5 weeks of very aggressive marketing and then the next 3 to 4 weeks working out the mortgage qualification, negotiations, home inspection, and closing.

When to quit the day job(selfmademinds)

Many webmasters dream of the day when they will be earning enough money from their sites to be able quit the 9 to 5 rat race. I took the plunge at the beginning of the year but it was after a fair amount of work and planning.Leaving a guaranteed wage can be a scary time and does have an element of risk and if you have commitments like children and mortgages you do need to ensure that you have a plan in place to cover as many situations as possible.

Funding a business(thedigeratilife)

There’s a financing model for every entrepreneur out there and depending on the type of business you have, there’s an optimal way to fund it. If you have a small home business, then running it out of your house using your own savings, credit card loans, and eventually your own revenues may be enough to keep it going. If you have bigger ideas and more ambitious aspirations, then you may want to consider other ways of injecting fuel into your business.

Paper todo list(webworkerdaily)

Using pen on paper just feels good. You need the right paper and the right pen–an old Bic on a decrepit yellow sticky note won’t get you to tactile nirvana–but with proper equipment, isn’t it much more satisfying to write a new to do item onto a piece of paper than to type it into your laptop or thumb it into your Treo? What about that triumphant feeling when you scribble off something you’ve finished? Clicking a checkbox with your mouse doesn’t compare.

Renting better than buying(smartmoney)

In Jeremy Siegel’s book, “Stocks for the Long Term,” he finds that real returns averaged 7.0% over nearly seven decades ending 1870, then 6.6% through 1925 and then 6.9% through 2004. The average real return for houses over long time periods might surprise you. It’s zero.

Saudo Oil to peak?(theoildrum)

Tomorrow morning, as you are starting your first cup of coffee, you turn on the morning news to “In a surprise announcement last night, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia announced that Saudi Arabia would not be able to increase oil production. He urged conservation by oil importing nations. Reaction has been …” After cleaning up a messy coffee stain and vainly trying to log onto TOD, what to do? And what should, and will, the US and the rest of the world do?


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