Links – 18/04/07

What you don’t need to start a business(Instigator)

When I wrote 5 Things You Shouldn’t Spend Money On When Starting a Business it was geared to software and web-related companies because that’s my business. Many people agreed. Others did not, arguing that my advice wasn’t helpful for one type of business or another. The discussions was worth it.

Riding Out the subprime disaster(Robert Kiyosaki)

Instead of quivering in fear of a real estate crash, savvy investors need to ask what led to the subprime disaster and how they can profit from it. Here are some of the causes: 1. Early in 2001, the crashing stock market caused Alan Greenspan to drop short-term interest rates to 1 percent. Instead of the stock market roaring back, the residential real estate market took off.

an entrepreneurs tale(Lazymanandmoney)

You will read it in a number of places over and over again, but one of the best ways to make money is to start a business. It’s so much easier said than done. I had made about 3 or 4 attempts at a business before I either lost the passion for the idea or got too lazy. Ironically, acknowledging my laziness has helped me launch my most successful business – this blog. I don’t really think of it as a business, more of a hobby that generates a little income. However, it’s at the point where I could put a minimal effort in and make a good dollar for that effort. I’m not about to do that though, I want to expand this hobby and maybe add new ones that will generate me income all the time.

Wealth inequality(Landonhill)

There is such a thing as the haves and the have nots. The difference between the two is not what kind of luck they have but what drives them. Rather it is by honest productive means, or unethical illegal behavior, the rich are rich because they have made wealth one of their biggest drives and purposes in life. The poor are poor because they have not. The only true way to become wealthy is to understand how money works and use the principals and laws of money to your advantage.

Financial Planning(Get Rich Slowly)

Having a financial plan is a lot like having a travel plan — it identifies where you’re going, how and when you’ll get there, how much it’ll cost, and things do along the way. Like planning a vacation, your financial plan can be loosely structured or highly detailed based on your individual needs. But having no plan at all could leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

“Safe” investing(Thisismoney)

Rebecca has taken out a number of Gebs with National Savings and so far she is pleased. ‘I don’t understand stock markets,’ she says. ‘This feels right for me. I’m not going to lose out.’ Rebecca has opted for just one of many routes investors can take if they want equity-style returns with less of the risk.

17th Graders(Brazen Careerist)

Most of my friends would love to run their own business some day. Me too. However, we believe the first logical step is to get a few years of work experience, make connections, and save money. A couple of months ago, my good friends from college, Matt, Cole and Adam, came to visit for the weekend. These three want none of that work experience I’m talking about, so they are opening up a sandwich shop in a college town.

Treasury losing gold reserves(telegraph)

As Gordon Brown prepares for a grilling in the Commons over his fire-sale auction of Britain’s gold at the bottom of the market, concern is mounting that the Treasury may have lost control over the small amount still left in its vaults. Peter Hambro, head of Britain’s largest pure gold mining company, said he believed the Bank of England may have leased out its bullion to earn extra yield.

Financial Stumbling block(AllFinancialMatters)

James O’Shaughnessy’s Predicting the Markets of Tomorrow has a really interesting chapter on behavioral finance, which is the study of how emotions and cognitive errors influence investor decision-making. In other words, even though we may know what’s the right thing to do, we often allow our emotions to make our decisions for us. This can be detrimental to our investing success.

Gold stocks: do or die(onlinestocktrading)

Gold stocks are again testing an area that’s held them down for the past year. Don’t worry if you’re late to this party. With consolidation of close to a year, there will be plenty of opportunity to hop on a few gold stocks in the sector. The XAU is near a weekly closing high here for the year.

The $2 bill (fiscal musings)

Every so often I need to go to the bank to make a deposit, and while I’m there I’ll pull out some cash to have on hand. I much prefer to use a credit card for most purchases because it creates a nice record and I don’t have to mess with small coins, but sometimes cash can be really handy.

Zen To Done(zenhabits)

I am a huge fan of GTD, as you probably know by now. It’s one of the best productivity systems ever invented. However, it’s not without its flaws, and because of that, I have a new productivity system for you: Zen To Done (ZTD).


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