Links – 17/04/07

UK manufacturing prices up(firstrung)

Month on month, the output prices measure for all manufactured products rose 0.6 per cent in March, mainly reflecting rises in other manufactured products and petroleum product prices. The price rises in tobacco and alcohol products were largely due to Budget increases.

Heading for a crash?(fool)

There’s been some comment on our Property – Markets and Trends discussion board that the current housing market feels similar to that of the late 80s. One poster argued that there were ten buyers to a house back then and greater numbers this time. Shortly after the housing market went ballistic, he writes, the market went into reverse.

Is gold still worth buying?(firstrung)

Independent metals research group GFMS reckons we could see an average of $725 in the second half of this year, and $850 next. Central banks are becoming less keen to sell as the price ticks ever higher, while many nations with massive paper currency reserves, reportedly including China and Russia, are trying to increase their gold reserves.

Patents and your business(foundread)

During the last 15 years (as part of several start-ups as well as large companies), I have listened to enough legal counsel to draw one important conclusion: patents are, quite simply, a pain in the neck. Sure, there are potential benefits of holding them, but the truth is that the cost—in time and dollars—of acquiring patent protections often outweighs any future gains from licensing fees, or litigation settlements.

The mortgage implode o meter

Tracking the US subprime crisis

Free Stuff(realsimple)

Sometimes you get what you don’t pay for. Here are nearly two dozen of the best freebies and — most important — how to score them


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