Links – 16/04/07

Links for 16/04/07

$720 Gold in two weeks?(goldprice)

My goal for the GOLD PRICE has been a close above 686.50, but today it didn’t quite reach that. It spent all week trying to break through 675, then today jumped up $10.30. There’s a slight chance that the shorts attacking on Monday at 686 might drive it down, but gold ought to continue rising for at least two more weeks. It should reach 720, perhaps even pierce that level. Seasonally gold could keep on climbing well into June. If it does it will be knocking on $900.

Dollar to head down(kitco)

The dollar is no longer responding to traditional stimulants. This week, despite the apparently “hawkish” tone in the recently released Fed minutes, and trade deficit figures that were slightly less horrific than expected, the dollar nevertheless declined against just about every currency on the planet. As a result, it now teeters dangerously close to the edge of a very large precipice. Looming large is the 80 level of the U.S. Dollar Index which has stood as long term support for almost thirty years. This week, the Index broke below 82, and is sinking fast. When this critical level is breached, look out below. Without any support beneath it, the dollar could literally fall off a cliff.

10x salary nonsense(SundayTimes)

he Sunday Times can reveal that some of the country’s biggest banks and building societies have offered loans totalling nearly nine times borrowers’ gross salary, or nearly 10 times their net disposable income — in other words, their take-home pay after all their outgoings.

The subprime blame game(allfinancialmatters)

Here’s what’s interesting: the orginal article only mentioned borrowers in passing, which provoked a lot of readers to write in. Read the article to see what I mean. There’s NO DOUBT in my mind that the borrowers must hold MOST of the blame. Why? Because THEY signed on the dotted line. All the hype doesn’t matter. Unless they were lied to or had a gun pointed to their head when signing the papers, they have to accept the blame.


Opposing forces have the U.S. economy precariously balanced, ready to tip one way or the other. One camp believes the economy will slump severely and threaten recession. The other warns of a reacceleration of growth that would push inflation higher. But so far, the economy’s balancing act has confounded both sides. Each successive week’s data seems to favor first one side of the debate, and then the other.

Buy-to-let fall?(telegraph)

Buy-to-let landlords from all over the UK were desperately trying to get through to their trade body, worried about how to handle new Government legislation regarding tenant deposits. But for the 750,000 or so Britons who have transformed themselves into property tycoons in recent years, this may turn out to be the least of their worries.

Profit Warnings(timesonline)

MORE than 100 UK companies issued profit warnings in the first quarter of the year, the first time in six years that the total for the period has reached three figures.

Dumpster diving for profit(seemegetrich)

The recent post on dumpster diving over at The Bizarro World Debt Elimination Freak Show got me thinking about my old dumpster diving days in time past. In the summer of 2002 I was back home for the summer from grad school at Syracuse University. I needed to save some money because I was to be moving to my present town in the fall and I would need some cash for a security deposit and first month’s rent on an apartment in a way overpriced location.

The state of Online Advertising(younggogetter)

A very long time ago, way back in the past… like 10 years ago, people started getting on this crazy thing called the World Wide Web. Somewhere in a dark room filled with crabby old men, it was decided that advertising online would never make sense… “nobody is really going to spend a lot of time in front of the computer.

Pound on the up(FT)

Sterling crept closer to the $2 level against the dollar on Monday as inflationary pressures mounted in the UK economy, lifting expectations of further near-term interest rate increases. The pound hit $1.9936, its highest against the US currency in 14½ years, as producer prices jumped unexpectedly, while buoyant activity in the UK housing market also lifted the likelihood of the Bank of England raising interest rates at its May meeting.

Big company-itis(AVC)

Google is a different company than it was even a year ago. It’s still got the world’s best search engine and I use it maybe a hundred times a day and really can’t think of not using it. It’s like firefox, a fundamental part of my daily web experience, a starting point for most anything and everything. Search for Google is like Windows for Microsoft, it’s the product that pays the bills for everything else and is ubiquitous.

Strategy needed(plonkeemoney)

I wrote here that I think that the best way to decide on which type of pension would suit is to have an overall strategy and then find the provider with the cheapest cost. I also wrote earlier that I have set up my ISAs for this new financial year. So what is my investing strategy?


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