Links – 13/04/07

The Role of Gold(FT)

As the elusive Edward Pastorini vanishes as quickly as he became a star in Wednesday’s fantastical bid for Gold Fields, one item in the alleged US financier’s pitch for taking over the iconic gold miner could provide a strand of reality amid the mirage. “The LBO firms, corporate raiders and I feel gold is going to rise to over $1,000 an ounce over the next two to three years,” Mr Pastorini apparently opined in an email to Bloomberg.

Ten Property Tales(thisismoney)

Fresh evidence of how London’s extraordinary housing market is affecting people looking for their first home emerged this week. Two separate reports highlighted a record low in the number of first-time buyers, and an increasing number of twentysomethings still living with their parents.

RICS fears boom/bust(guardian)

Fears that the housing market could return to a cycle of boom and bust should not be treated lightly, a report claimed today, as surveyors said house prices had risen for the 17th consecutive month. The pace of growth picked up for the first time in five months, suggesting the three interest rate rises since August have been absorbed by the market, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (Rics) said.

The problem with China?(FT)

Danone, the French food and drinks group, has threatened legal action against its main Chinese partner, Wahaha, claiming it has set up a rival business to sell the same products as the joint operation. In what is turning into an increasingly bitter public dispute over one of China’s most successful joint ventures, the French group has sent a letter to Zong Qinghou, Wahaha chairman, saying Danone could begin litigation in China if the two sides cannot reach an agreement in 30 days.

Iran action unites Europe(Reuters)

The latest developments with Iran’s nuclear program reinforce the case for a U.S. missile shield to protect Europe from attacks, German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung said. “Precisely these latest developments also confirm that such protection makes sense,” Jung told Reuters in an interview earlier this week.

Property torrent any time…..Now!(theratandmouse)

According to Henry Pryor of the market is about to be flooded by properties. Easter’s always busy, but information coming into Primemove suggests the volume may be up on last year by as much as 13%.


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