Links – 06/04/07

$900 gold by the end of May? (goldprice)

Sounds impossible, unless you consider what we have seen already in this bull market. Gold could well reach $900 and silver $18 by the end of May, although that goal is looking more distant. The present rally must really turn on the heat to make that come true.

22 Useless myths(ririan project)

As you grow, you keep developing many misconceptions about money. These are the barriers in your mind, which hinder your financial growth and success. These money biases limit your ability to achieve prosperity and abundance. They become an excuse for your inaction or failure.

House for less than a Car in Detroit(telegraph)

A four-bedroom home near the original Motown recording studio in Detroit recently sold for £3,700 ($7,000), less than most used cars. A boarded-up bungalow fetched £685, and a three-bedroom house listed for £276,000 attracted just £69,000.

Uranium flying high(kitco)

“There are huge forces ramping up demand for uranium. And new supply just isn’t there. Heck, despite the 99% increase in uranium prices last year, production from mines actually fell 5% from a year earlier.” “More than 100 nuclear reactors are under construction or in the planning stages, a huge 25% increase over the number of existing reactors. Japan’s planning 11 … China’s working on 30 … and India and Russia are each going to build 20.”

The turning point(kitco)

The gold market smells many things in the wind, some from banking distress extended from housing, some from the stench of war, maybe even a global boycott of USTBond purchases. See China for the latest end to continued FOREX reserves accumulation. They will next invest, most likely in oil and gold and critical metal ores. We have the foundation for a trade war with China, lacking only a spark. If and when it arrives, support for the USDollar will erode while price inflation rises due to interrupted supply of finished products.

Major spring rally in Gold and Silver(kitco)

We should expect gold to trade to the top of the channel line near $700+ in this rally. There is very strong resistance at $680, $728 and $740 which is our spring goal. The PMO momentum lines in the lower box are sloping up only gradually telling us gold needs more buyers to really get going. Look at what happened in last year’s April-May cycle.

11 Big money strategies(forbes) (via lifehack)

We all want money, but if you’re like me, you want Big Money., who know a thing or two on the subject, have a list of tried and true ways to make that kind of money. Although they aren’t step by step tutorials, they do offer some workable ideas.


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