Links – 05/04/07

Entrepreneurs In the drug trade(brazencareerist)

New York magazine profiles a drug dealer trying to find an exit strategy for his mid-size company. Which sells cocaine, of course. Believe it or not, there’s a market for drug dealerships. And you can tell this guy is an overachiever in the business world because he keeps his client list on an Excel spreadsheet.

Oil up on supply concerns(FT)

Oil prices rallied from intra-day lows as the release of the 15 British naval personnel by Iran Wednesday was overshadowed by news of a larger-than-expected fall in US petrol stockpiles

Gold poised(FT)

Gold prices could exceed last year’s 26 year high of $730 an ounce within the next 12 months due to a weaker dollar, rising geopolitical tensions and an investment led rally, according to the annual survey by GFMS, the metals consultancy.

Opportunities for entrepreneurs(polititcalcalculations)

Here at Political Calculations, we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to meet the previously unexplored needs of people that also provide the ability to supply us with buckets of money. Today, we’re presenting three of our recent ideas for your entrepreneurial consideration. All we ask is a reasonable licensing fee (and maybe some venture capital!…)

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Fossil Fuel Alternatives(theoildrum)

Demand for both oil and natural gas continues to rise each year, as the result of China, India and other countries wanting to adopt a lifestyle more like that in the United States. As we saw in Oil Quiz – Test Your Knowledge, world oil supply is likely to decline in the near future. With demand increasing and supply decreasing, there is certain to be a significant gap in the not too distant future.

5 More money making ideas(wisebread)

These are more “turn your hobbies into a job” type posts, and I don’t suppose that they are all viable for everyone, but with a little creativity, they can be parlayed into part-time gigs.

Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur?(techcrunch)

Based on this data, Pairwise creates a quiz using some of the most highly discriminating pairs, chosen to have the strongest and most confident predictive power across the broadest spectrum of personality traits. They can then track a candidate’s behavior through the test and make an educated guess about their personality based on the correlations they made in LikeBetter. Pairwise does their best to make the test harder to read into by being a completely image based test and using non-obvious pairs (no GI Joe vs. Barbie).

Gold up quick(goldprice)

The GOLD PRICE pierced 667 & ran, posting a high of 675.60 and closing at 672.10. Back in February when gold last graced these regions, there were only five closes higher than today’s. The high close to beat is 686.50, but 683 will offer trouble, too. Gold should proceed upwards quickly. To get stuck below 686.50 would be no good at all — very bad, in fact.

Iran Iran Iran(kitco)

The ongoing situation with Iran is hugely gold and oil bullish right now, and will be for the coming months. The recent statement by Iran that they will free the British naval hostages is just one detail. It solves nothing fundamental.First of all, before I discuss why, I want to comment on several emails I got about my views that Iran is going to be attacked. The comments went along the line: ‘the US is too tied down in Iraq, won’t even think of another war..’ etc. I disagree. So let’s get into the reasons why there is likely an attack on Iran….


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