Links – 04/04/07

Hedge funds negative on equities and dollar(FT)

As was the case in March, a big majority of managers – 69 per cent – said they expect the S&P 500 to end April lower, vs 23 per cent higher and 8 per cent unchanged. The majority of the managers also maintained a pessimistic view on the dollar, as 54 per cent report a bearish position, vs 23 per cent bullish and 23 per cent neutral.

Iran crisis effects Asia(Jakartapost)

The crisis also brings into focus Asia’s growing reliance on oil and natural gas supplies from the volatile Gulf region and the economic and political repercussions of this dependence. Asia’s export-oriented but oil-short economies are tied to the fortunes of the Gulf by an energy lifeline. Both regions are integral parts of a vast conveyor belt of seaborne commerce that runs between the Indian and Pacific oceans.

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7 Reasons why gold should surge(marketwatch)

Heck, just look at mine supply. Despite the price of gold rising for years, supply from mines is actually going DOWN. Since mine supply doesn’t cover demand, where does the rest come from? From scrap, central bank gold sales and stockpiles, all of which are being depleted. And that is a recipe for much higher prices.

Record gold high(goldprice)

Back at the end of the last gold bull market, the 1980 monthly closing high was $666.75. According to Kitco’s prices, the February 2007 closing high was $669.35. Chartists are taking note of that. Something is up!

Imminent severe market correction(FT)

Ken Murray, the founder and chief executive of Blue Planet Investment Management and former CEO of Murray Financial, has offloaded equities and cut the gearing on the firm’s portfolios to zero in the belief a US economic recession is set to wipe more than 20 per cent from the value of global stock markets.

Financail Peace Of mind(zenhabits)

First, identify the financial stressors in your life. For many people, these include: worries about debt, paying bills late, not having a financial security net, not having a sense of control over your finances, and arguments over finances.

Home Ownership(theratandmouse)

According to new figures, homeowners’ equity (the difference between the value of a house and the remaining loan) has increased by an average of 37% in the last two years, leaving homeowners with more than half their wealth tied up in assets, primarily their homes.

Iwillteachyoutoberich roundup

I’m a recent Stanford grad and this is a blog on personal finance and personal entrepreneurship for college students, recent college grads, and everyone else. (Featured in the Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Guardian UK, etc.) This blog is me ranting about a few things and trying to get the points across. Getting started is more important than being the smartest person in the room. Making mistakes is ok. Action is more important than reading 50 blogs. Ordinary actions get ordinary results. And there’s a difference between being sexy and being Rich.


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