Links – 31/03/07

Boots takeover signal top of the market(Indy)

Yet perhaps the most pertinent question is whether speculative activity on the current scale marks the final blow-off of the bull market. Merger mania is as good a sign as any of the top of the cycle. With corporate profits booming, credit cheap and easy, and confidence high, the temptation to go corporate shopping is hard to resist. Invariably, the merger cycle peaks just in time for the next big downturn.

Tiny animals stop Australian mine(BBC)

Environmental protection officials rejected the iron ore mine proposal from mining giant Rio Tinto when 11 species of troglobite were discovered. The troglobites are tiny cave-dwelling creatures which resemble spiders.

Invseting in Luxembourg(rodthomas)

As Europe’s smallest country, it seems surprising that Luxembourg may provide a wonderful opportunity to make money for the overseas property investor. Despite its size, Luxembourg has great potential and is well worth consideration by any prospective investor. Take a look at the facts

8 ways to make money(wisebread)

None of these will make you independently wealthy or even allow you to quit your day job (unless you get a serious dose of luck along with your ingenuity), but they just might let you get enough cash to fund something special.

Social Cycles, Depression and Revolution(bullnotbull)

Last week I gave you the good news, that after we make our way through the current political and economic mess that we find ourselves in, we will emerge into a new golden age. This week, the bad news: Before we get there, we will likely have to first undergo at least a depression, and certainly a revolution before we arrive.

Online Money Making(staska)

So in June I put all my blogs on hold and set out to restructure my offline business. It took much longer then I expected, but I managed to do it by the end of 2006. There’s a new CEO there, I resigned from active management position but stay as an owner and advisor. And it still provides me with a living income until I start earning enough to live by from my Online Activities.

Search Actual UK Houseprices(houseprices)

Search the UK Land Registry database of houses sold in England and Wales since 2000.

Odd Job(iamfacingforeclosure)

This is a shot of our living room where me and my wife are working on a tech job for a local real estate professional. We’re putting together and reproducing a large order of training CDs. We are getting paid this Sunday. In fact we pulled an all-nighter to finish up.

Ask for a discount(treadetricks) via (lifehacker)

Always ask for a business discount. You may not have a business, but you work for one–and even if you don’t, how would I know? The worst that will happen is someone will say no. Most motel and hotels have corporate discounts. Nobody tries very hard to find out how legitimate people’s business claims are, and most of us secretly don’t care.


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