Links – 28/03/07 Part 2

Rate rises ‘cooling house prices'(BBC)

UK house price inflation slowed in March indicating that recent interest rate rises are having an effect, the Nationwide has said.

Oil price rises on Iran tension(BBC)

“The market has been on pins and needles with the Iran situation,” said Phil Flynn of Alaron Trading.

UK House prices cool in March(firstrung)

“The housing market showed further signs of cooling during March. The price of a typical house increased by 0.4% during the month, bringing the annual rate of house price inflation back into single digits at 9.3%.

Head to head: Property or pension?(BBC)

Following the string of gloomy stories which have emerged on pension schemes in the past few years, some people have looked at investing in property as an alternative means of providing a retirement income.

Lender shortfalls(firstrung)

Up to half of lenders have reported an increase in shortfalls after sales of property, a survey by litigation specialists Moore & Blatch reveals. These shortfalls become apparent when Lenders sell property, usually at auction, having had to repossess due to client payment difficulties.

China to take down world markets(kitco)

China has indicated – their Premier no less – that they intend to take matters into hand in 07 and that means, as we have already seen, that another China market crash is in the cards.I wrote an article several years ago about the bubble number. IT is 18%. When markets reach a speed of 18% growth it is all over.

Britain steps up pressure on Iran(FT)

Britain said on Wednesday that it was freezing all other business with Iran until Tehran released the 15 UK naval personnel detained last week as the face-off between the two countries escalated.

The coming wave?(gumtree)

We are selling a number of our property portfolio for a quick sale, we can pay your DEPOSIT and LEGAL FEES. Properties are going fast, give us a call on the below number for instant property lists.

Oil, Iran and the diminishing supply(1stmillionat33)

The last time we looked at the oil chart was in a post about CanRoys. At the time, there were plenty of oil bears on CNBC predicting $20-30 oil, but I was pretty sure that $50 was going to hold. Fast forward two months, oil’s back up to $63 a barrel. The talking heads would again have you believe that geopolitical tension is the sole cause while completely glossing over the fact that the rebound started long before this latest Iranian incident.

Uranium Bull(reuters)

“Just as large numbers of new reactors are being planned, we are only starting to emerge from 20 years of underinvestment in the production capacity for the nuclear fuel to operate them,” Dr. Thomas Neff, a research affiliate at MIT’s Center for International Studies, said in a release.

Rental competition(theratandmouse)

According to Hamptons International, there’s such demand for rentals in London that one-bedroom flats are being let within hours, there’s bidding among potential tenants, and rents have increased across the capital by 18%. The drivers? A glut of first-time buyers unable to get on the ladder and corporate tenants being relocated to London.


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