Links – 27/03/07

$720 Gold(Goldprice)

The GOLD PRICE recovered from its Friday break handily to knock again on the door of 667. Floor has now risen to 656. Trouble will be had fighting through 667 to 685, but there’s little reason to expect gold won’t soon be hurtling through 720.

Warning To Property Investors(FT)

Gerald Ronson, one of the UK property industry’s canniest survivors, has warned that the industry is heading for a correction amid over-exuberance from investors. Mr Ronson, chief executive of private company Heron International, told guests at his annual lunch at London’s Savoy hotel that “there can only be one ending” to the current hot property market. “We will look back and talk about how obvious the signs were,” said the tycoon

Finding Balance(Million Dollar Journey)

How do you find the balance between living life and saving money? With this blog about saving money and increasing my net worth, it’s easy for me to get carried away and stop spending money on things that are enjoyable in life.

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