The Generational Robbery(New Statesman)

Expensive pensions, no hope of getting on the housing ladder, and tens of thousands of pounds of debt just to go to university. Have the under-35s been mugged by the baby-boom generation that went before them?

UK sub-prime lender strong(Reuters)

strong demand for its 800 million-pound ($1.55 billion) mortgage securitisation last week, the firm said on Thursday, suggesting investors were sanguine about the outlook for UK non-conforming mortgages.

Coal Comback(Indy)

The good news for UK Coal is that its short-term future is relatively secure, thanks to the property value of its ownership of redeveloped sites and existing mines. As last month’s full-year results showed, costs are slowly coming down, while the company recently said that its property assets could be worth more than £800m in six years, over three times the previous valuation.

Middle East Machinations(BBC)

Iran is considering charging the 15 British personnel it seized on Friday with illegally entering its waters, the country’s foreign minister said on Sunday.

Biggest Homebuilder(FT)

George Wimpey and Taylor Woodrow are set to merge in a £5bn deal to create Britain’s biggest housebuilder, with operations in the UK and the US producing 30,000 houses a year. The UK’s biggest-ever housing deal, expected to be announced on Monday, combines the third and fourth-biggest housebuilders in the country and creates a company big enough to join the FTSE100 index.

Derivative Risk(FT)

Fewer than half of global financial institutions account sufficiently for complex financial and commodity exposures in assessing the riskiness of their holdings, according to a risk management survey by Deloitte.

Invest In Yourself(livelearninvest)

Remember I mentioned in a post about personal development that you should invest in your knowledge. Steve Pavlina’s post about it says that you should invest 3% of your income to it monthly.

Steve Pavlina’s Invest In Yourself Post(Pavlina)

The best place to invest your money is in yourself. The rate of return from investing in your own knowledge and skills will be much higher than anything you’ll see from stocks, real estate, or other investments.


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