UK property links

Go Liquid (FT)

The problem, according to Davis, is that all the Taylors have in the way of investments is property and stocks and shares pensions. “Property is bloated and in bubble territory and surely will fall dramatically over the next few years,” Davis predicts. “By selling off properties they can pay off unnecessary and unproductive debt in the form of mortgages.”

Buy to Let Pitfalls (BBC)

However, five interest rate increases since November mean that the days when you could buy almost any property and turn a profit may be over. In short, only investors who do extensive research and go through with the deal when the figures stack up will succeed.

To Buy or Not to Buy (Landlord Expert)

To a large extent it depends on what your buy to let strategy is. If you follow the strategy that we advocate, which is to build a portfolio at a steady pace, maximising the power of gearing (but without overstretching yourself) and hold the properties for 10 years or more, we believe that there is plenty of room for both capital and income growth and you will have no cause to regret choosing to rely on property for your future retirement.

UK Subprime shadow (Guardian)

Shares plunged at Kensington Group, the mortgage lender that focuses on customers with below-average credit ratings, after it issued a profit warning.


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